derelict lyrics:reed llik: Poem originally posted to teandoranges blog in 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

derelict lyrics:reed llik

One of my goals
1. to live in an insignificant and pointless town
where people never pull the shades
and double breasted bankers are shot in cold blood
by horses on foot

One of my goals
1. to form a jam band of infinite eternal songs
and the die hard fans who breed in the open air
sacrifice their young to corporate headquarters
guaranteeing future record sales
in my old age

One of my goals
1. to sing battered lyrics
over the loudspeakers of factory outlet lingerie stores
in order to inappropriately interrupt at inopportune moments
the decisions of female warriors seeking asylum
from the persecution of natural lighting

One of my goals
1. to write a psychedelic book
detailing the shocking mendacity of my life thinly veiled in non-fiction
from which Oprah Winfrey will decode
the meaning of the universe
with the help of a scissors and a mouthful of apricot jam

One of my goals
1. to kiss the beautifulone on the corners of his lips
causing him to sink into the underground current of
mourning dove and killdeer birdsongs sung backwards
as we wait for a solar powered subway during a total eclipse

christine vyrnon © 2009

The story and drafts behind this poem date back to 2001, a story which will unfurl as this blog progresses.  I also expect that I will find glitches in the poem itself as I revisit it… again.


  1. I’m excited for the unfurling. I love it when lots of different themes and stories bundle together and create an entirely different piece.

  2. Hey there! Unfurl it will… and same for your work! It is always interesting to see how pieces and people evolve. Thanks for the comment! You win First Commenter Prize!

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