Foray into the contents of a Moleskine

Four A’s
Four as
For as

Red&BlackAtheist AScarlet Lettersupport Art moleskine

The Four Red As? A collage that never made it onto my teandoranges blog.

Anarchy: in a perfect world I am an anarchist… and an anti-christ(ine).
Atheist: a descriptor that is useful and accurate yet too loaded to use flippantly. I use it nevertheless.
Adulterer: I’m not sure what Adultery means.  I’ll let you know once I figure that out.  Hester Pyrnne is All Women.  The Scarlet Letter can be a badge of honor and survival.
Art: a sticker I threw on the dull Moleskine black to spruce it up. I do Support Art… and so should you:

The contents of a Moleskine. Not the pocket notebook I wanted back in April of 2008, but the notebook I ended up with. I saw “no lines.” I saw “pocket-size”… a size I always have in addition to larger notebooks.  I saw what I wanted to see and I bought it.  Once I removed the cellophane I discovered that the pages were THICK… heavy artist’s stock… like cardboard.

I took for granted the softness and pliability of paper … writing paper … until I found myself forcing a ballpoint pen across reluctant artist’s paper.

Such is life.  I have stacks of these small notebooks.  Most of them are not Moleskines.  Maybe none of them.  Buying small notebooks is as mundane as buying toilet paper… can’t live without them.  The purchase is also like starting a new relationship as I read words on the page that aren’t there.  I get giddy when I buy new notebooks. Twitterpated.

contents of a moleskine

The back pocket holds two sheets of OM stickers and an old 2008 horoscope message by Rob Brezsny.  I like to take horoscopes out of context… not necessarily the wrong sign… but at the wrong time: a week late; a day late; a decade late.  Since I’m an evolved post-theist, I get to choose whether or not portions of the message are still relevant.  If not relevant for me, read this as relevant for you.  It is yours… yes, your horoscope for Today.

  • Don’t just set aside a few stolen moments to sniff the snapdragons, taste the rain, chase the wind, watch the hummingbirds and listen to a friend. Use your imagination to actually BE the snapdragons and rain and wind and hummingbirds and friend. It’s time to not just behold the Other, but to become the Other.Rob Brezsny

I kept this horoscope because it reminded me of something by J. Krishnamurti I read while writing lyrics for a song I collaborated on and recorded back in the day. More on that later.

The OM stickers? I was in the throws of a yoga teacher-training program.  I’m in the process of sticking them around Minneapolis, knowing someone will see them and think, “OM… namaste” and someone else will see them and think, “fucking hippie hipsters.”

The remainder of the contents need more time to decipher.  I’m looking for a catalyst for a new piece.

Little Ones*

globe detailarid
hollow arians
trying to recall
what our elders said
about being new and small
as we look into brown eyes of refugees

Cradling our lattes we mentally note
the blond haired man
with the afro-ed girl
pat us on the back
see, how far we’ve come
good job
Little One

to celebrate the human race
we eat baklava with brie
and mention the middle east
then eat wild rice with curried spam
celebration festival we live in
these great
united states

Aren’t we cultured
aren’t we great
we don’t sleep at
Super 8’s


after talking to the blond man, I find out that he is an artist, his girl is a poet,
after talking to the afro-ed girl, I find out that she is a woman, her man is her lover
after talking to the lover, I find out that he is proud of his girl, his girl thinks he walks too slow
after talking to the fast walker, I find out that she is a woman, that he thinks she is most beautiful in shades of grey
after talking to the shade of grey, again, I find out that grey would rather be purple, that it is easy mixing some colors

but look at that woman of sorts, that woman of means, that woman of money
how she mixes her baklava with brie, how can she know, how can she think…, how can she?

I try to explain and the man says, I notice the confusion, I feel the confusion, but my girl is beautiful and beauty among mundane worlds can not be put aside easily
so i am at his side, she says

and we were hoping you still carry the freerange chickensalad

he asks, smoke-free joint I suppose

I’m afraid so, I say, as if……………

what do i know
lost in the translation

*This poem is  from an early 2000 journal, possibly pre-9/11… exact date to be rediscovered.  I transcribed it to my computer in the mid 2000s and having been toying with it ever since.  It needs more fiddling around, but this is what I have, so far. 

Ames Library of South Asia

Ames Library of South Asia

Paper Migration: wo wir beginnen/where we begin

When a lodgerlover left, I noticed the empty drawers full of space I previously didn’t know I had.  My bras (top), underwear (middle) or socks (bottom) won’t be stuffed back into this newly discovered space.

Paper Migration: Into 2013...

The drawers are the perfect size for 8.5×11 paper… of which I have plenty.  I have boxes and drawers of notebooks of all sizes.  We begin with the paper and notebooks from the plastic file cabinet tucked sideways under my desk.

Paper Migration: Out of Dreams '04

The migration to the wooden drawers will force me to shed some paper weight and rediscover the ideas I filed away with good intentions of revising/revisiting some day. The plan is that one day I will have a new book to add to one of my bookshelves… spine color To Be Determined.

Paper Migration: color-coded bookshelves 2013

This color coded organization of my books is in part inspired by David Weinberger’s book Everything is miscellaneous: the power of the new digital disorder. I work full-time in public libraries and have a history of working in three library systems and a bookstore before this current job.  We read Weinberger’s book for an Indexing & Abstracting Library class. My copy is marked up with pen and kitty teeth and claw marks.  We will revisit some of the margin notes in future posts… as an act of archiving the trail of influences.

Tumblr has a ton of BookPorn sites, many of which I follow. Which sites on any blogging format are your favorite eye-candy sites for books?