Margin Notes

Words, phrases and grammatical scenarios I will try to avoid in my own writing and which turn me off in other people’s writing. (ongoing, honest, and innately hypocritical)

  • The use of ramblings in blog titles or subtitles. I rarely make it past this part on a blog.
  • Fast forward any length of time. I’m guilty of using this phrase. It won’t happen again.
  • Quote used as a noun in place of quotation. I know the use of quote as a noun instead of a verb is commonplace and totally legal these days, but my mind always corrects this.
  • The placement of only within sentences.  Don’t worry. I probably abuse this, too.  It was a bonding point between me and my Remedial English/Math/Latin Teacher grandmother.
  • I mentally add ly every time someone says, “Drive safe” which happens too often in Minnesota. Similar adverb ignorance makes me cringe, but not as severely as this example.
  • Good used in place of Well especially when asked, “How are you doing?” I fudge on this good/well response, but when “doing” is involved I usually correct myself. It’s a tic.


  • The use of musings in blog titles or subtitles. Once again… it’s me, not you… but it hurts my brain!

(4/22/13… yes… that’s all I have to add to the list today.)

I’m a former English Education major (and former sporadic teacher). There is a story behind my own weaknesses in grammar. Another day.

Language rules are useful.  The better you know the rules, the easier it is to effectively break them, My Dear.

Feel free to point out my own split infinitives, passive voice and poor word choices… as nicely as possible.

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